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You might have heard about random acts of kindness, which is a non-premeditated, not-so-usual action designed to offer kindness to the outside world. Research shows that helping others can be good for our mental health. It reduces stress, improves our emotional well-being, and even benefits our physical health. In short, doing good does you good.

Doing something nice for someone at times costs time or money.

But what if you cannot afford to spend money or time and be kind to someone?

Try random acts of compliments.

Yes, you read it right. Try to compliment someone (sincerely) at your workplace, or at a public transportation place, or while traveling. And see their reaction. Compliments make us feel good, both giving and receiving them.

You can make someone’s day by sharing positivity in the form of a compliment, from simply complimenting someone’s outfit to telling them how they have made a positive impact in your life (in case you get inspired by people like me who post motivational quotes and inspirational stuff, you can compliment me).

Sincere compliments can help build trust, as they can strengthen your relationships and can be used as a sign of respect.

Compliments can also help build someone else’s confidence because it can help them recognize the value within themselves.

Complimenting someone can make us feel good about ourselves, as you can feel like you have had a positive impact on others.

And when one receives a compliment from someone unexpectedly, it will make their day. We never know if they may be going through a rough day and this sudden unexpected compliment will boost their energy and motivate them while making them feel lighter.

At times, I come across compliments from my silent admirers/followers (those who don’t explicitly comment or like my posts but admire them). I feel so happy about it.

I also compliment shamelessly (of course sincerely)

e.g. If I like someone’s vehicle color or if I like their outfit/voice, I tell them.

It is amazing to see when we can make someone smile with happiness because of our deeds which are not expensive at all.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to read your thoughts and experiences

if you have already given random compliments to a stranger or someone whom you don’t know, tell me how they reacted.

Also, if possible, share with me how and what compliments you offer(ed).

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