Why It Is the Right Time for Podcasting?


Podcasting has evolved significantly since its early days, with video podcasts becoming increasingly popular. As highlighted at the HT Smartcast Podmasters conclave, this is an opportune moment for creators to dive into the podcasting world. Here’s why:

1. Historical Evolution and Modern Resurgence

Podcasting isn’t new. In 2006, Microsoft introduced the Zune media player with built-in support for podcasting. Despite its struggles to compete with Apple’s iPod, it marked a significant step in the evolution of digital media. Today, podcasts are circling back to their roots, blending audio and video to cater to modern audiences.

2. Focus on Growth and Collaboration

Success in podcasting is not about chasing numbers. Expert speakers at the conclave emphasized the importance of focusing on self-growth, quality content, and audience engagement. Collaborating with fellow podcasters can broaden your reach and enrich your content. Guest appearances and joint episodes can lead to mutual growth and a stronger podcasting community.

3. Engaging Content and Consistent Value

A successful podcast requires more than just recording episodes. Having a dominant Call to Action (CTA) and a secondary CTA is crucial in guiding your audience on what to do next. Focus on delivering valuable takeaways to your listeners, ensuring they feel their time is well-spent.

Consistency in content delivery helps in building a loyal audience base.

4. Building a Community and Knowing Your Audience

Understanding your audience is key to creating content that resonates. By knowing your listeners, you can tailor your episodes to their interests, fostering a sense of community. Explore different genres, like mythology and true crime, which are gaining popularity. Even if you’re starting with solo episodes, plan for at least 50 future titles to maintain consistency.

5. Omnichannel Distribution and Video Integration

In an era dominated by video content, blending audio and video podcasts can maximize your reach. Make your content suitable for omnichannel distribution, ensuring it can be accessed across various platforms. This approach not only broadens your audience but also enhances engagement.

6. Leveraging India’s Unique Advantages

India’s position as the third nation with the cheapest data rates, coupled with long commute times in bustling cities, makes it an ideal market for podcasts. Indian stories are in demand globally, and podcasting offers a platform to democratize voices, share diverse narratives, and cater to a widespread diaspora.

7. Podcast Advertising and Audience Attention

Podcasts are a valuable platform for advertisers. Studies show that two in three podcast listeners pay attention to ads, making it an effective medium for brand messaging. As content authenticity becomes crucial, the trust built with your audience can make podcast advertising particularly impactful.

8. The Rise of Internal and Corporate Podcasts

Internal and corporate podcasts are on the rise, providing companies with a unique way to engage employees and disseminate information. This shift from “should have” to “must have” podcasts indicates a growing recognition of their value in internal communications.

9. Expanding Linguistic and Cultural Reach

Podcasts in Indian languages, as well as Korean, Italian, and German, are gaining traction.

With a widespread Indian diaspora, content produced in India is consumed globally, creating opportunities for cross-cultural engagement and storytelling.

The landscape of podcasting is brimming with opportunities. By focusing on growth, collaboration, quality content, and understanding your audience, you can create compelling podcasts that stand out.

Embrace the blend of audio and video, leverage India’s unique advantages, and capitalize on the growing attention to podcasts. Now is the perfect time to dive into podcasting and make your voice heard in this dynamic medium.

If you are already a podcaster, would love to hear your thoughts on what is working well for you and also what kind of challenges have you encountered.

If you are a budding podcaster and looking for collaboration, DM me.

PS: The Guiding Voice has been the finalist in the Podmasters Awards 2024 under the Education category. HT Smartcast

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