Titanic Syndrome and 3 steps for reinventing your business

  1. Without a real grasp of value creation, reinvention is not possible — it’s all about new and improved ways of creating value. Think about how to add more value to your customers through your products and services by reinventing the way you deliver! Value creation and business modeling are at the heart of real reinvention mastery!
  2. The frequency with which our reinvention must take place is staggering. Essentially, we must become a new company every three years. In fact, we must reinvent so frequently and so radically that the traditional roles and processes inside of an organization cannot keep up.
  3. Some companies develop Titanic syndrome not via arrogance or strong attachment to past success but through the inability to recognize that things might change suddenly. All of us are creatures of habit, and it is so tempting to think that things will stay as they are. Instead of looking at strategy as a rigid plan, create a format and process that allows for continuous reinvention



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