TGV Turned 4 on 17th May and also you will hear a piece of GREAT news from me shortly


Here is the Summary/round-up of everything that happened at The Guiding Voice, for the week ending May 18th, 2024.

Interviews scheduled:

Hindi: Alina Usmani

English: Gary Sprouse, Elliot Justin(Doing amazing work to deal with impotence through S*x Tech), Kathy Gardarian, Sanjay Ghare, Amishi Seth

Connected with a lot of amazing souls at the ICF Hyderabad chapter event where I shared my 1462 days of podcasting journey. Stay tuned for my post next week.

#thinkhatkewithtgv Newsletter:

Celebrating 4 years of TGV madness

Here is a snap from the cake-cutting ceremony.

The picture features Nitesh Verma on a video call with me. He is a great person.

Podcast Episodes(in the order of release):

#TGV484 (English) Ft. Arundhati Hoskeri — Dealing with Toxic People, negativity and developing resilience (Mother’s day special)

#TGV485 (English) Ft. Rashmi Kashyap — Unleashing soul power and inner strength

#TGVT103 (Telugu) Ft. Neelima Vobugari — Responsible AI

#TGV486 (English) Ft. Wafa Oukka — Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs

#TGVH69 (Hindi) Ft. Namita Kichlu — Save Hindi

#TGV487 (English) Ft. Ment Kuiper — Cross-Marketing strategies leveraging Data and technology

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