Scared of your goals, Try this…!

Does your goal seem too huge?

Are you struggling to attain your goals?

Try a new proven technique, The ABC Goal System which I found in Sahil’s newsletter.

Here is a simplified example based on my understanding.

Imagine you’re starting a new course and have the ABC Learning Plan to guide you. A Goal: Your big aim is to understand the course really well. B Goal: Your realistic goal is to get a good grip on the main ideas. C Goal: Your basic goal is to finish and understand the course.

As you go through the course, there might be tricky parts. If you only have a big goal in mind, it can be tough to stay motivated when things get hard.

But with realistic and basic goals, you always have something doable to aim for.

Here’s a scenario:

you hit a tough section, and the big goal feels too far away. That’s when the realistic and basic goals kick in. You shift your focus to reaching the realistic goal, work through the challenges, and make progress.

The ABC Learning Plan isn’t just for marathons or businesses; it’s a handy guide for any learning adventure.

It reminds us that having different goals keeps us motivated and adaptable, ensuring success in learning something new.

In my opinion, it is better to take even a single step or just 5 or 10 steps if you are scared of taking 100 steps or 1000 steps.

Remember that these small steps will take you a bit closer to your goal which you’d not have achieved if not taken.

Thanks for reading, would love to learn your strategies for attaining your goals.

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