Problem Solving made easy!

Life is full of problems. You might be familiar with this sentence, right?


Life(and of course businesses) is full of hardships.

No matter how successful you are, you will face certain situations in your life from which you feel there is no escape.

You search for different solutions. You might be successful, maybe you are not.

But, when you felt helpless, have you ever thought of someone who could guide you with problem-solving strategies?

“ A problem is a chance for you to do your best.”

~Duke Ellington

Are you someone who keeps the focus on the problem rather than trying to find a solution to it?

Below are some of the problem-solving strategies that might help as shared by an inspiring leader and founder of Easy problem-solving company.

1. Easy problem-solving — company’s inception

Changing the definition of purpose and definition of success is the first step that Easy Problem Solving as a company took.

If you want to succeed or want to solve a problem, you should make sure that you put a lot of effort into solving that.

You alone as an individual won’t be able to solve the problem, but you need a lot of support system, who can help you overcome it.

Easy problem-solving works with clients and helps them set up their processes.

2. i3 Methodologies

i3 Methodology is proprietary to Easy Problem Solving & a product developed during the lockdown.

After the pandemic ends, it is crystal clear that some businesses and entrepreneurs will back down or might completely be eradicated from the market. This can happen because of the lack of opportunities.

Retail marketing, during the pandemic, faced a lot of trouble as digital marketing became dominant. For the companies to adapt to this new normal, they need a significant premise that is an alternative for them.

This is what i3 is for!

i3 stands for Inventive Ideation for Innovation. It’s a blend of Lean Six Sigma, TRIZ & Design Thinking, a plug-and-play model with 29 principles through which a problem can be solved.

3. Lean six sigma certifications necessity

More than a methodology, lean six sigma is a way of life. It is about how you develop your thinking.

One should always try to understand the operations and philosophy behind the methodology before adopting it.

4. How should leaders identify the problems in their business?

There is a lot of management research that’s been done on how to identify the right problem. This is the genesis of the birth of many entrepreneurs.

The solutions to a certain common problem vary in different sectors. For example, the solution provided by an engineer for a slow elevator won’t be the same as the solution provided by a building manager.

One of the biggest challenges one faces while solving a problem is that they don’t see the problem through the eyes of the customer. Customer perspective is the key to getting to the right problem and then providing the solution. Customers as an entity are never vocal, observe to understand the customer needs. One needs to observe the customer keenly and should try to figure out what they need to solve daily.

Bleeding neck problems are those problems that need to be solved then and there. Organizations need to find these types of problems to manage their resources & time effectively to get desired results.

Design thinking as a methodology is extremely successful to identify the customer expectations and very important in solving a problem as it helps to see what the customer wants.

5. Approaches for solving business problems:

· Design thinking: we apply feasible & viable as the two lenses to look at the problem for its solution rather than using the 3rd lens as the first lens which is “ desirability “.

o Who wants it?

o What problem does the customer want to be solved?

· How to solve the problem? Be into customer shoes, deep dive, and make it easier with customer

· How to look at the problem differently?

o Any problem is inherently solvable, we must look at it with the right lens, apply the right tools, and go back to fundamentals.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs:

1. One should not plan too far in advance. Try looking at things in the 5-year timeline. The world changes rapidly.

2. Always follow organic curiosity. Follow your heart. Don’t get trapped in rationality.

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This blog post has a few excerpts from The Guiding Voice podcast Episode 108 ft. Sushant Pande. You’ll find the episode link in the first comment.

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Take a tiny stone and hold it near your eyes. It would seem big enough to block your vision of anything else other than that. So similar to your eyes, your brain can’t focus on anything else except the problem which in reality is small but you are holding it too close to your thoughts, making it seem bigger. Problems seem to be challenging and cause stress initially, but a well-defined problem is almost half solved.

If problems are seen as improvement opportunities, they can be solved easily. In this edition, we bring you Sushant Pande’s insights on Problem Solving methodologies and how they are helping various businesses through EasyProblemSolving

Thanks to Sangeeta Doni for reviewing and editing this post initially created by Sahla Siraj based on Naveen Samala & Venkata Sudhakar Nagandla’s conversation with Sushant Pande on hashtag#TGV108

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Seasoned IT executives with over 40 years of cumulative IT industry experience on a mission to shape the careers and lives of millions across the globe

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The Guiding Voice(Naveen & Sudhakar)

The Guiding Voice(Naveen & Sudhakar)

Seasoned IT executives with over 40 years of cumulative IT industry experience on a mission to shape the careers and lives of millions across the globe

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