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The new year is a time of joy and an occasion when people abruptly decide to change.

How many such suddenly made new year resolutions of yours had been accomplished?

Are you still trying to achieve it? Or have you given up already?

One might make the goal to quit smoking and the other might make a resolution to change his or her aggressive behavior toward others.

How far do you think you have come from the goal?

Is it nearing or still far away?

Have you ever wondered if there are any blueprints for such transformations a person goes through?

So, why does one change?

Going through the statistics and the research on the number of people who are happy because of their work and life situations, the results have shown that people are very much miserable!

You might not be one among them. But there are other people who can be one among them.

For such people, transformations are necessary since a change mostly does good for others.

They need to transform to be happy.

You might know that you should start but you are clueless about where to start.

You might have dreams that you are scared to achieve, either you have no means to reach there or you are not motivated enough.

You need a blueprint for all these transformations. And that is the importance of a blueprint in a transformation.

Rather than taking all the steps stairs in the first go, start by climbing each step so that you don’t miss a step in between.

When you wish to transform, you can draw inspiration from different sorts of people.

In other words, literally everyone.

Imagine you are at your dream job. But you are lazy enough to work. One day while traveling you see a little kid on the road begging for alms.

Suddenly, you realize how grateful you are. And you start working even harder and later you help the child you saw.

That is an amazing yield one gets from his transformation. You drew your inspiration to transform just from a little kid.

When you search for motivation, literally everyone becomes an inspiration.

There is this amazing line by the world-famous author Paulo Coelho.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

Before making sure of what you want in life, one should always know what he or she doesn’t want in their life.

That’s when you will learn to prioritize your needs.

There is a number of hardships and struggles that makes a person transform.

You can not only transform into a successful person; you can also transform into a happy person with your dream job which is not paying enough to become successful.

But what matters here is you transformed! From a sad person to a happy person.

Taking the lives of the great men into account, one cannot ignore the fights they fought to reach there.

If you are planning on transforming yourself, do you know what to embark on?

The main thing you should remember is to start from where you are.

“You are neither early Nor late.”

You can always start something in the middle of something else.

Maybe you are in the middle of your career.

But you wish to transform and shift to another.

Then do so! What are you waiting for?

It is never a comparison.

One can only transform into a better version of oneself

They can’t transform into another person.

You should build your own story. And with it your own blueprint.

Have a compass to show the direction and not away.

One should only use his own compass. In other words, don’t copy others. Choose your own path.

The steps to follow are: -

  • Start from where you are.
  • Build a compass
  • Check all the options.

There is a sure thing for anything you do.

You might fall.

You will fail.

You shall rise.

For every success, there is a story of failure that follows.

Remember, Thomas Alva Edison failed thousands of times before discovering the bulb.

One thing everyone who is planning to transform should keep in mind is that — be prepared to move.

Plan well and go through the journey.

Take the map and mark all the possible pitfalls.

But when should someone start the journey to transform?

One can start the journey at any point in time!

Interesting right!?

It can start even when you are in the middle of something.

But always make sure that you make a perfect plan before starting with the transformation.

The research shows that the ratio of unsatisfied people to satisfied people is always high.

People are mostly unsatisfied with their work.

They should definitely undergo a transformation if they have to be satisfied.

But before doing that, make sure you make a perfect blueprint for your transformation.

The age group of 35 to 45 years is still agreed upon as the best time to undergo transformation.

So, if it’s time for you to transform, you should do it NOW!

Always remember, nothing goes in vain if you are ready!

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This blog post has a few excerpts from The Guiding Voice podcast Episode 97 ft. Alok Verma



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