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In today’s blog, we bring you the most insightful charismatic leader’s thoughts and values who has 40 years of cross-functional experience in the Office Automation & IT/Information Technology Enabled Services industry.

He is the one who set up the first American SDC (Software Development Centre) in Hyderabad in 1987.

You will be left intrigued when you read the insights from Shakti Sagar’s interview on The Guiding Voice podcast ep. TGV#150. You will find the episode link in the first comment.

Education is very important, and essential to open the door of a career, but there are many other factors necessary for career growth:

· Common sense, being a keen learner.

· Being a keen observer to grab the opportunity.

· Willing to take risks.

· Belong to the organization and own your growth.

Top 3 things for career GROWTH · Never work for an organization, rather work with an organization. When you work for an organization, treat this opportunity as if you own it, you have a stake in it.

· Become a patient listener and practical thinker. Listen to understand not to respond, and develop the habit of listening.

· Every interaction must have some learning, don’t be part of useless interactions.

What is essential for PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: How to effectively MANAGE UPWARDS, DOWNWARDS AND PEERS?

· Must respect everyone.

· Be open and honest, everyone is smart.

· If you have made a mistake, admit it.

· Integrity must be demonstrated and practiced.

· Encourage and accept Constructive feedback.

· Do not let political germ grow in, eradicate it as soon as you realize it.

· Learn to self-introspect, do not be part of the blame game.

· Life-life balance will be more successful. Make sure you create an atmosphere of transparency and a stress-free environment for your teams.

Every professional MUST DO to grow in their career

· Eliminate the word IMPOSSIBLE, read it as “I M POSSIBLE”, and change your mindset.

· Develop articulation skills.

· Upgrade yourself, and keep learning and exploring your potential.

· Be a TEAM PLAYER. People love great team players.

· Believer in yourself.

Every professional MUST NOT DO to grow in their career:

· Don’t think you know it all: Learn to self-introspect, and do not be part of the blame game. Do not develop a false world that you are the best.

· Do not get swayed by social pressure while making decisions: do not let your decision be based on social pressure. Do not go with face value, do your research, and use your wisdom. Reject social pressure and let your decisions be your decisions only.

· Professional journey is a long journey: Avoid short-cut routes to reach the leadership role. Do not choose the elevator(short-cut) to reach the topmost role fast, go through each floor(role) to get the experience of each floor(role). To climb the professional career ladder, spend time, be patient and be stable, your professional journey would be more meaningful.

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