IT is OKAY To be Imperfect?

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It is OKAY to be IMPERFECT!!

As announced last week, we are in the process of launching #TGVBlogs wherein we will be sharing a lot of insights based on our conversations with our 180+ guests that we have interacted with.

To be honest, Venkata Sudhakar Nagandla & I(Naveen Samala) always feel that we are a better or more knowledgeable people after each and every interview.

Advantage of being the podcast hosts, is that we get to LEARN everything first hand. In fact, I listen to every conversation multiple times as I edit the content. So more advantage :)

Having these conversations has become more like an addiction now and it is keeping me & Sudhakar motivated to invite more and more guests that add value to the #TGV community.

Today, I was going through our first interview episode (logically Ep#2 as per the release cycle) on The Guiding Voice

Here is the link to episode(audio version).

I was laughing continuously while listening to this episode out of self reflection and introspection, how amateur we were as interviewers. Here is the link to video, (created out of the recorded audio with slides as the background).

We still create those kind of videos if the recording doesn’t get saved or in case we lose the work due to HD crash. My personal laptop Hard drive crashed very recently, I lost a lot of personal data. 95% of the TGV content (finalized audio & video of future episodes) was safe.

But I lost the edited video of Vanshika Chanderiya, luckily found the source video and I’ve edited the content again.

You will notice slight difference in the content if you listen to audio vs watching video on YouTube for this episode

Also lost complete edited video of Dr. Sourabh, unfortunately Skype recordings are saved only for 30 days — so, we are left with no option but generating video using slides (our old method of doing). This is the first instance of losing data. We will be extra careful in future not to lose content.

In fact, I’ve already started being proactively uploading the edited videos directly to YouTube with a random future date. We edit the episode notes, thumbnails and the exact publish date/time after sequencing the batch of episodes. Currently we are scheduling the episodes in the batches of 2 to 4.

Early in our journey, our graphics & color choice was not that great and the content flow/structure was not that appealing.

After a constructive feedback from one of our dearest speakers, well wishers and friend Suba Lakshminarasimhan, we’ve rebranded the logo and the entire graphics.

You will not believe, it took 120 hours for me to replace all old logos, podcast episode graphics & YouTube thumbnails. I literally burnt the midnight oil post my office working hours to get this mission accomplished.

Compare Vanshika Chanderiya’s episode(latest release — #TGV156) with Harsha’s episode(TGV#2) and you will notice how #TGV has transformed!

SriHarsha Vadlamani (Harsha) did a wonderful job in answering our questions(he is a great speaker) though we were not great hosts.

I cherish ever moment of the last 18 months after #TGV’s inception.

For building a GLOBAL brand, you need to work hard, have patience, strategy, and most importantly execute quickly.

As I am embarking on my writing journey, I am sure there may be many mistakes like wrong choice of words, punctuation grammar etc.

But I don’t want to wait for perfection as speed of execution is in my DNA and it is absolutely okay to be imperfect.

We will learn by growing!

And I might write another post after publishing 50 blogs part of #TGV series — commenting about this post. How this could have been better etc. Stay tuned!!

BTW, we already started background work of revamping TGV! You will experience the new & much better version in 3–4 months. We are super excited to have a few enthusiastic guys joining #TGVCrew and helping us build the strategy for Season 2(or TGV2.0, I am not sure what we are going to call it 😊 or how we are going to “rebrand” The Guiding Voice).

I will announce their names shortly after taking their consent.

They are really super cool guys! Loving every bit of suggestion that they are coming up with. So we are extremely confident about creating much bigger impact after the revamp!!

In fact, one of them was recently featured as a guest speaker — you can do your guess work :P

No one is born perfect!

I’d like to learn from you about what initiatives have you embarked on or what tasks have you started without worrying about #perfection. I am extremely curious to know and learn from those reading this post.

Will look forward to your comments.

In case if you’d like to share this offline, please DM me or drop a note on

#TGVBlogs is in the making and we are coming very soon!!!

PS: One of the strong reasons I’ve embarked on this writing journey right now at this moment (Though it has been lingering on my mind for a long time), is during a recent interview with one of the leaders that I admire & respect Tarun Kumar (his amazing episode will be released very shortly) advised me to start writing — in response to my question to

PPS: I’d like to acknowledge the direct influence of Bijay Goutaum, my podcast coach(though I didn’t have 1x1 conversations with im, but I’ve attended his course in April 2020, which laid the foundation stone for The Guiding Voice platform & Community. Thank you @Bijay !

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