How do you answer when someone asks you What DO YOU DO?

  1. Imagine you bumped into a senior leader at CXO level within your organization in the real elevator and you have to strike the conversation
  2. You came across an influencer or a celebrity at a networking event, conference or job far etc.
  3. You are attending an interview
  4. Sales pitch to generate curiosity about your product or service
  1. Get noticed, take initiative to initiate the conversation
  2. Generate curiosity by stating something unique/different
  3. Talk numbers and the impact.
  4. Try STAR format — Situation Task Action Result — How challenging a problem is, task at hand and what action you took to achieve positive results
  5. End with a question that makes the other person follow up with you!



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The Guiding Voice(Think Hatke with TGV)

The Guiding Voice(Think Hatke with TGV)

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