Has your Enterprise moved to CLOUD yet?

  • Myths about cloud computing.
  • IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS explained in layman’s terms
  • Cloud as a service and benefits of cloud
  • It is very cheap — It is, relative to the cost of having the actual physical infrastructure.
  • It is less secure — Cloud is not a new technology, over the years IT and Security professionals have made sure that your data remains safe.
  • It takes a lot of time — A proper vendor such as AWS or Azure will take care of all the aspects of moving towards the cloud, it doesn’t take more than a few days.
  1. Infrastructure as a Service — In this case, you just rent a car for the period you use it and bear the cost of maintenance and fuel. (Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean)
  2. Platform as a Service — In this case, you will call a taxi and just pay for the distance for which you used it. (AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Microsoft Azure, Apache Stratos)
  3. Software as a Service — In this case, you will use a means of public transport. This implies that you indeed used the service, but it wasn’t meant exclusively for you. (Dropbox, Google apps, Salesforce)
  • Saves capital — Pay only for what you use. There is no payment for the maintenance of the infrastructure.
  • Enhanced Security — There are dedicated engineers just to make sure your data remains safe.
  • Ease of access — Once the data is uploaded to cloud servers, employees can access it through any device and any place they desire.
  • Analytics — With so much data in one place, organizations can hire cloud analysts to make improvements to their business model.
  • Data recovery and loss prevention — As there is no local storage of data, data loss is very uncommon when using cloud services.
  • Collaborative environment — Employees can easily view and share data as and when required.



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