Got in touch with 45+ amazing global speakers at the National Publicity Summit

Here is the Summary/round-up of everything that happened at The Guiding Voice, for the week ending Mar 30th, 2024.

Moderated a panel discussion on MSME Collaboration opportunities with Governments and organizing tradeshows. This happened on 23rd March — was awaiting for official pics to post.

The event was graced by Honourable IT Minister Sridhar Duddilla. Kudos to the efforts of the ITPN and ITPNCN team headed by Surendra Mohan, Srinivas DP (PDS), Harish Babu, Vijay C, and many more leaders from Hyderabad.

Also, got a chance to hear from amazing speakers Rameshwar Balanagu sudhakar gande, Siva Prasad Nanduri , Vikrant Saxena and a few others

Interviews scheduled:

Telugu: Surendra Mohan

English: Aslak de Silva , Marc Scheff, here for Creatives and Changemakers

#thinkhatkewithtgv Newsletter:

No post this week

New connections and speakers: Close to 45 speakers have expressed interest in getting featured on our show at the National Publicity Summit a well-hosted virtual summit. John Suzuki, Shaan Patel, MD, MBA, Delia Chiaramonte, MD, MS , Nathaniel Turner, Kathy Gardarian, and many other amazing individuals will be featured on The Guiding Voice shortly.

Podcast Episodes(in the order of release):

#TGV466 (English) Ft. Thilaga KumarWomen Empowerment in Sales Career

#TGVT96 (Telugu) Ft. Narasimha Rao VaddeLess Known secrets of successful entrepreneurs and a sneak peek into BTS.

#TGV467 (English) Ft. Jay ManiarHow to develop a value proposition?

#TGVK2 ( Kannada) Ft. Dr. Arundhati HoskeriBuilding Resilient Mindset

#TGVH62 (Hindi) Ft. Manish PeriwalGENAI — Evolution, Advancements and Career prospects

#TGV468 (English) Ft. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC — IWD2024 special episode — Mastering the art of leadership and coaching across cultures

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