Interesting question, isn’t it?

Recently, I hosted the founders of the NerdPreneurPod podcast Frank Bailey & Chris Saunders, and one of the conversations I was super eager to have. This was scheduled on Saturday night from 10:00 PM to 10:45 PM IST (do you think it is weird timing? indeed it is — but most of my interviews happen during these times to accommodate global time zones and guests from other countries).

As part of the rapid-fire round, I ask some interesting questions to get the best out of my guests which will help our audience learn amazing stuff. My question to Chris was — what is the piece of advice to those aspiring to make big in their careers?

Chris shared an amazing quote: Are you a thermometer or are you a thermostat?

It blew my mind and I was completely awestruck.

What a powerful advice it is!!!

It made me curious and dive deep into the topic, here are the details…

Both Thermometer and Thermostat, deal with temperature, but their purpose is different. A thermometer simply measures the temperature, but a thermostat actually adapts to and adjusts the temperature. A thermostat can be adjusted and suited to the environment and the needs of the room.

A thermostat is used in our air conditioners, iron boxes, and other appliances — it is a regulating device component that senses the temperature of a physical system and performs actions so that the system’s temperature is maintained near a desired setpoint.

Thermostats have power. They assess the situation and make necessary changes to benefit the appliance and users.

There is a lot to learn from this simple component. And a new phrase Thermostat leadership has been coined to indicate positive leadership inculcated by great leaders that work like thermostats.

Based on the research — these are the primary characteristics of a Thermostat leader

1) When things get hot or cold — negative or bitter, unpleasant or unsupportive — they strive to change or adjust the temperature to something more positive.

2) Under a thermostat leader, great culture prevails and team bonding is at its best.

3) Even in crisis, people know that their leader will remain calm, and composed, and back them up which brings the best out of them.

4) They develop a bunch of leaders: They not only have followers, but also strong leaders groomed under their guidance.

5) Thermostat leadership is contagious and it propagates more of them.

6) They are level-headed in decision making

7) They take ownership and never blame anyone if things go south

8) They are curious about learning from crisis

Have you worked with Thermostat leaders? If so, what was your experience?

You have more control than you think and choose to be a thermostat.

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