Design in Everything…!

Where have you heard the term design?

In fashion?

In photography?

Where else?

In life?

In Corporate governance?

No…… right???

But it has a place there too!!!

Are you Curious enough?

This post is here for you.

Let’s first understand. What is Design in Business?

“Design is the process of deeply understanding customer/user needs and then creating a product or service, physical, digital, or both-that addresses their unmet needs.”

This blog is based on the excerpts from Karthi Subbaraman’s conversation with Naveen Samala #TGV203,

Karthi has been aiming to design a better life with her creative skills:

Here is a sneak peek into the role of design and related things:

Important things of realization!

The final thought from Karthi:

“Becoming better is a better option than becoming big”

Yes, you read it right. Becoming better is far better than becoming big!!!

Hope this blog post helped you in some way 🙂

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