Conversation with a creative artist that climbed the Eiffel Tower over 800 times and more…

Here is the Summary/round-up of everything that happened at The Guiding Voice, for the week ending Nov 11th, 2023.

3 days of personal time: pilgrimage to Tiruvannamali, Kanchipuram, Tirupati, Tiruchanooru and Vellore.

Made good progress on the new initiative of launching the TGV Global speaker series. I am planning to launch it in Jan 2024 instead of Dec 2023 so as not to lose steam due to the holiday season globally.

FB live planned with Ranjini Sanjay today at 07:00 PM IST, here is the link to join:

Interviews scheduled:

@Rebecca Hansen(Denmark → Rwanda), Sonja Bajic (Novi Sad, Serbia), Diana Silva Franco (Venezula → Spain), Andrei Ilinskii (Russia → Serbia), Brownwyn Schweigerdt (US), ANATH LEE WALES (Rwanda)

Naveen Samala Got featured on Ye Bhi Thik hain: Naveen Samala Empowering Stories through The Guiding Voice Podcast

#thinkhatkewithtgv Newsletter:

#tgvblog104 published: From Sunrise to Sunset: The Energizing Rituals that Fuel My Productive Day

Podcast Episodes(in the order of release):

#TGV396 (English) Ft. Sangeeth Varghese — Hidden links: How historic events are interconnected?

#tgvt75 (Telugu) Ft. Dr. Srinivas Chirravuri — Emotional Intelligence and Resilience (Explained in Telugu)

#TGV397 (English) Ft. Tony Pawlak Stock Market: Investments vs. Trading

#tgvh42 (Hindi) Ft. — Ranjini Sanjay — How to earn 6–7 figure income through online coaching business?

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