Can you become customer centric by looking at problems through their EYES?

Does your everyday job demand client or customer interactions? Are you simply amused why they say “Customer is the king”.

Well, if the answer is “ YES “ to either of the above questions.

It is time to gain some insights on the most colossal aspects of “What is to have a customer centric mindset?”

To answer that, let’s take a self-evaluation to see where we stand at the beginning of this article.

Sounds exciting, right?

Let’s begin…

  1. Are you a person who can easily visualize customer problems when explained?
  2. Do you usually probe a little deeper to introspect or recreate the issue?
  3. Which approach do you think is right — company’s or the customer’s point of view?
  4. How easily do you understand the end-user issues?
  5. Will you often confuse Customer Experience with Customer Excellence?
  6. Have you wondered which features are more likely important over others?

How confident do you feel after answering each of these questions?

A few, or perplexed, or have you nailed it?

Nevertheless, we still have some amazing illustrations to guide you in dealing with such situations next time. :)

Before we delve deeper, let us understand “How the Customer became the King?”

Decades ago, people sought after what was available in the market. In other words, the goods and services easily met the demands of the customers. As times changed, there began a shift in the people’s awareness on what is deemed as branded and quality. This caused a steep rise in the demands of customization and innovation from the global supply chains.

Be it, the retail e-commerce industry to the food industry to the healthcare and the most pivotal financial services — the customer expectations and the technological advances started flourishing leaps and bounds.

Having said that, the companies adopted the shift left approach to identify the most lovable products and services that makes the end-user happy. This paved way to the change in market conditions from the customer being a receiver to what is available, to name as the “King” tailoring the needs and wants of the users.

To this effect, here is the long-story short on how the customer became the driving power for businesses as he/she is the sole decision-maker and influencer when it comes to product sales.

Did you know that Mahatma Gandhi preached the importance of serving customers loyally?

Indeed yes, the father of India and one of the best ambassadors of Peace in the world in his speech which dates back to the 1890s in South Africa spoke these on the theme of “Truth in Business”.

Undeniably, in this era of digital transformation, we all know social media users have the SUPREME POWER to decide which company or business will thrive in the boom-bust cycle.

One of the greatest quotes from Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart and Sam’s club resonates even in today’s world.

Here are a few real time examples:

Positive customer experience:

Negative customer experience:

How often have you ever given a thought about Product and Customer reviews? What do you think are great ways to turn a bad customer experience?

We all know that companies are keenly trying to establish a mark for themselves and become a customer centric company. Besides that, they want to be sure to find out feedback from the customers not only from official channels but also scout through the above social media channels, consumer complaints forums, consumer forums etc.

Ergo, they want to reassure negative reviews are compensated and refund to retain the word of mouth. This is because of the richness of a satisfying customer. This creates a ripple effect — “A Satisfied customer will become loyal to the company and customer loyalty will take us a long way! They in turn will do free publicity or marketing for you and bring in more and more new customers!

I am sure, now you will agree, why the customer is KING!”.

How does it work in the real world at industry level while talking to clients?

● The first step is always to view the customers’ problems from their shoes.

You can’t provide a solution in this industry, without a perspective

Every solution needs to answer a particular set of concerns.

And if it doesn’t, it honestly doesn’t solve a solution.

An IT solution offered comprises of:

1. Impact on Topline

2. Impact on Bottom line (Profits and Revenue)

3. Increased Employee Productivity.

Avoid providing on-spot solutions while the customer explains the problems.

I nstead, take your time to analyze it, find a solution.

Re-access and then give the solution to the customer.

Always try to solve the problems the first time right!

Combining process-oriented approach towards issues and data insights is the key to understanding problems.

○ If you are a student, identify where your academics can help you in the corporate world.

○ If already in the industry, start wearing the cap of the Industry, then only, you will be able to understand how the industry thinks.

Three things of focus for elevating customer experience in this digital transformation era:

1. Smart Automation is the future — automation of mundane, repetitive and redundant activities will help in eliminating or saving manual time involved in various activities. Nothing can replace quick and first time right response to customer queries! E.g. Chatbots can be leveraged in place of real agents. Cloud platforms like AWS, GCP & MS Azure are offering ready to use and customizable chat solutions.

Another example is Microsoft Dynamics. With expertise in building, deploying, and supporting advanced CRM solutions, Microsoft brings about more control over sales process, improved client satisfaction, and greater productivity.

Whether it is sales force automation, marketing, business intelligence, account management, order management, service improvements, or smooth information flow, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM forms a great part to the overall business strategy of a growing company

2. Strategic insights are crucial — e.g. collect data and understand what products are bought more by your customers or think about the conversation rate visitors to your eCommerce portal vs real buyers. Data is the new oil, gold and currency altogether. By collecting and churning right data, you can come up with right strategy for elevating your business growth. Analytics tools like Google & Adobe analytics, Omniture are the biggest marketing techniques to lure naïve customers or solve their problems proactively.

3. Aim for Customer Excellence -If you want to establish a mark for yourself and become a customer centric company, be sure to find out feedback from the customers not only from official channels but also scout through the social media channels, consumer complaints forums, consumer forums etc. Try to understand or listen what is not said by the customers. Because, customers don’t know what they WANT! If you could anticipate their needs and propose solutions to them, that will be wonderful!

If you want to tune in more to listen to the pearls of wisdom on this topic of customer’s importance, we have a podcast by Saiprasad Potaraju, insights from #TGV35.

Link to the full episode(audio):


Here is a final dose to conclude this post with more motivational quotes: “You can’t transform something you don’t understand. If you don’t know and understand what the current state of the customer experience is, how can you possibly design the desired future state?” ~Annette Franz.

“If you don’t care, your customer never will”

~ Marlene Blaszczyk.

It is pertinent that customer problems should be solved as soon as possible or else they have many other options to choose from!

Thanks for reading this post.

This post is compiled by Abhijeet Sen, our #TGV Intern!

Proofreading and final editing by Durga Krishnamoorthy and #TGV founders!

We’d like to hear from you on how you/your organization is seeing problems through customers eyes and resolving them first time right!

At TGV, we make every attempt to bring in the best of the content from speakers around the world, however, we would like to understand from you the best problem-solving approaches to delight the customers.

Please feel free to comment/respond on the customer excellence strategies that worked well. Feel free to reach us. Do not forget to share your suggestions or feedback at or by messaging at +91 9494 587 187

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Seasoned IT executives with over 40 years of cumulative IT industry experience on a mission to shape the careers and lives of millions across the globe

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The Guiding Voice(Naveen & Sudhakar)

Seasoned IT executives with over 40 years of cumulative IT industry experience on a mission to shape the careers and lives of millions across the globe

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