“Boost”​ is not the SECRET of my Energy!


We have heard from childhood that children are full of energy and that nature is full of energy, but what is the meaning of being energetic in the corporate field?

Is it running from one place to another in the office campus itself?

Or is working 18 hours a day?

What is it meant by being energetic in a corporate?

According to Collins,

“An energetic person is very active and does not feel tired at all. An energetic activity involves a lot of physical movement and power”

What is meant by being energetic? Let us get that first…

“People who are fun-loving and energetic tend to live a healthier lifestyle. When your feelings about yourself are improved, you can cope with stress and enjoy life more.

If you feel you could be more fun-loving and energetic, you can bring these sides up in various ways.”


Can we Be at peak of our energy throughout the day?

Being energetic means, understanding the inner source of energy. Raise your energies by creating good habits which renew energy levels. We can be equally energetic throughout the day when we understand the aspect of renewing these energies. Every hour you can renew or replenish energy and enjoy health & harmony.

Don’t hold things or emotions for a long time:

Observe when you are holding a cup of tea for a minute, how heavy it is?

You would feel it is light in weight. But if you hold the same cup of tea in your hand for an hour without moving, you will feel the heaviness.

If you are moving the hand keeping the cup here and there you will feel the cup is lighter. Here the cup of tea is a metaphor for our emotions, we keep holding our emotions, and how long we hold our emotions, for days, weeks, or years, we invite stress and manifest physical & mental health issues.

We need to change our state of energy by changing our position (in this case our emotions in turn which changes the energy levels too). Inculcating good habits and moving help in renewing energy every now and then will make us feel energetic all the time.

You will have to utilize it in the best possible way.

An author of the book “Renewal”, Sandeep Nath shares his wisdom with TGV audience in episode #166(See the first comment for links), which comes from his core study of Vedic wisdom, learning under and through the grace of great spiritual leaders.

He talks majorly about how we need to Renew at the mind, body, or spirit level?

Symbiotic renewal:

Most of the stress in a day comes from the relations we have with others around us. If one becomes mindful at the workplace, and at home and take conscious decisions, then we will be more taking care of the environment where we work, and where we live.

How are we structuring ourselves, our organizations, and our environment impacts us and others symbiotically?

Renewal is all about how we are as people, systems, purposes, and processes? Often, we get so trapped in following the system, which was made for us and by us, but the purpose is completely forgotten.

This brings the necessity of practicing renewal, renewing we as people, as a system to have health and harmony.

Focus on self-replenishment. It gives you the energy back, that you have lost.

How do we develop Zen habits?

Mindfulness is practiced by every Zen master. Mindfulness is about remembering what we are doing at the body, mind & spirit levels. Mindfulness is all about remembering the purpose & process while doing the activity. Being totally involved is mindfulness. When you are mindful, you will understand that your mind can focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking might seem helpful, but it reduces productivity. Mindfulness is entirely about getting involved in one task at a time and reaching its depth of it and not worrying about the outcome.

“When walking, walk. When eating, eat.”

~Zen Proverb

A simple understanding of how multi-tasking reduces productivity:

Take paper and a pen.

Task 1: write all the alphabets A to Z which might take a few seconds,

Task 2: next write numbers 1 to 26, it takes a few seconds too.

Now try to write both at a time:

Task 3: A 1 B 2 C 3 till Z 26

For sure it will take more time than the time is taken for you to finish Task1 & Task2 in total.

You would realize the difficulty you faced while multitasking of writing Alphabets & Numbers together which made it more time-consuming.

What is inner Power?

Inner Power is one of the programs developed by Sandeep Nath.

It is one of the starting points of understanding that power is within us. We focus more on the outside world than the inner world. The focus on outside chaos is causing our reaction time to become shorter and shorter, more distracted, and restricting us to realize our inner power.

Our core design is to handle less stress which means fewer distractions, which makes us stay connected to our inner power but the way we are now living has more distractions, focusing more on outer world chaos and this makes the realization of inner power challenging.

We designed our lifestyle, and education system, in such a non-sustainable way. But still, we can renew it, and share the renewal journey towards the realization of inner power with others.

Share the good things that have helped you grow; it will help society as a whole to grow.

How do we drive positive energy?

Inner power is like an umbrella, if it’s up and strong, everything else will fall off.

When we are contaminated at energy levels (being stressed, or frustrated), we will do some short-term fixes by watching a nice movie, reading a book, having green tea to boost up, and keeping up positive energy and stress-free, but if we just connect with our inner power then we will not need short term fixes.

Staying positive needs to be connected to one’s inner power.

At TGV, we make every attempt to bring in the best of the content from speakers around the world, however, we would like to understand from you the ways through which you replenish yourself.

Are physical exercises and beverages enough to keep you energetic?

Or DO you need anything else?

Do reach out to us with your comments/feedback at theguidingvoice4u@gmail.com

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