Are you an Enthu Cutlet with an inspiring Energy to ignite passion?


Passion and Enthusiasm: A Contagious NECTAR for Success

Have you ever been told that your passion and enthusiasm are contagious?

It’s a wonderful compliment, isn’t it?

In my recent interview with a guest, he said, Naveen, your enthusiasm is contagious. Did anyone ever mention that to you?

I said yes. Even in my day job, I was complimented multiple times that my passion was contagious.

It is a great feeling when someone recognizes our passion and acknowledges all the good work that we do.

This made me think further about how can we make our actions inspire others and instill passion in them. In fact, it made me nostalgic as I remember one of my ex-colleagues used to fondly call me Enthu Cutlet*

The idea that your excitement and drive have the power to inspire and motivate others is truly a testament to the impact of positivity and zeal. In this blog post, we delve into the magic of passion and enthusiasm and how they can influence not just your journey but also the journeys of those around you.

1. The Ripple Effect:

Passion and enthusiasm are like ripples on a serene lake-they extend far beyond the initial point of impact. When you exude passion for what you do, it can’t go unnoticed. Others catch glimpses of your dedication, and that spark can ignite a flame within them too. It creates a positive ripple effect that can transform an entire community or workplace.

Your excitement can inspire a colleague to approach their tasks with renewed vigor or encourage a friend to pursue their dreams wholeheartedly. The more passionate individuals there are, the more contagious the atmosphere becomes, fostering an environment where everyone is driven to achieve their best.

“The power of a single action may create ripples, but its effects can cause waves of change that touch the shores of many lives”

2. The Power of Inspiration:

Passion is the root of inspiration. When you’re genuinely passionate about something, it radiates from you. Others can see and feel your enthusiasm, and this ignites a desire within them to discover what fuels your excitement. It motivates them to explore their interests and seek out what makes them feel alive.

Think about the people who have inspired you in your life. It’s likely their passion for what they do was a significant factor. Whether it’s a teacher, a mentor, or a successful entrepreneur, their enthusiasm is infectious, and it urges you to aspire to greatness.

“Inspiration is the spark that ignites the flame within, turning dreams into aspirations and aspirations into achievements”

3. Building a Supportive Network:

Passion and enthusiasm naturally draw like-minded individuals towards you. When people recognize your excitement for your work or hobbies, they’re more inclined to connect with you, share experiences, and collaborate. These connections can lead to a strong network of individuals who uplift and support one another in their respective endeavors.

TGV Inner circle members will surely concur on this point 🙂

Your enthusiasm not only attracts potential mentors or collaborators but can also build a community of supporters. They cheer you on during your journey, offering advice, encouragement, and even constructive criticism when needed because they’ve been captivated by your passion.

“A strong support network is the foundation upon which dreams take flight, carried by the winds of encouragement and bolstered by the pillars of unwavering belief”

4. Setting a Positive Example:

Being the carrier of contagious enthusiasm sets a positive example for those around you, especially for the younger generation. Children and young adults often look up to passionate individuals as role models. Your passion showcases the importance of pursuing what you love and the difference it can make in your life.

I’ve always had one thing on my mind, i.e. to create a long-lasting legacy that will inspire generations to come. This could be one of the reasons for my extraordinary passion for various initiatives.

“Life is a series of falling dominoes; the smallest push can set off a chain reaction that changes everything in its path”

By demonstrating the value of passion and enthusiasm, you inspire others to chase their dreams fearlessly and approach life with zeal. Your actions could be the catalyst that propels someone towards discovering their true calling.

Passion and enthusiasm are indeed contagious. They have the potential to create a domino effect, triggering a wave of inspiration and motivation wherever they go. So, embrace your passions wholeheartedly, let your enthusiasm shine, and watch as it spreads like wildfire, lighting up the world around you. Remember, your passion is not only about what you do for yourself but how you inspire and uplift others on their unique journeys as well.

Now, it’s my time to hear from you — has anyone mentioned that your passion was contagious?

Have you come across any Enthu Cutlet that inspires through their passion and/or enthusiasm?

Please share in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


“Enthu cutlet” is a colloquial term commonly used in parts of India, particularly in informal conversation, to describe a person who is highly enthusiastic, energetic, and full of zest. It’s a playful and endearing term, often used to appreciate someone’s infectious enthusiasm or zeal for something. It’s akin to calling someone a “bundle of enthusiasm” or a “bubbly person.”

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