Answers to controversial questions on Sanatana Culture, Foreword for TGV Inspiring Lives Volume 2, and more

Here is the Summary/round-up of everything that happened at The Guiding Voice, for the week ending Dec 02nd, 2023.

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Interviews scheduled:

Rashmi Kashyap, Chris Hunt, Lindsay Williams Stanton, Yash Srivastava, Amishi Seth, Stephanie Brown, Jeremy Au 区汉辉 , Jay Maniar, Venkata Harish Kumar Kasibhotla, Vikram Yedavelli

#thinkhatkewithtgv Newsletter:

#tgvblog107 published: Scared of goals? try the ABC method to keep the ball rolling

Podcast Episodes(in the order of release):

#TGV402 (English) Ft. Rob Grover and Gary Logan — Psilocybin psychedelic retreats for senior executives

#TGVT78 (Telugu) Ft. Jagan Chitiprolu — The journey from a small village school teacher to becoming a M(B)illionaire

#TGV403 (English) Ft. Ruksana Hussain — Strategic Entrepreneurship through networking and relationship building

#TGVH45 (Hindi) Ft. — Sangeeta Doni & Naveen Samala — Timeless wisdom from Kabir Das ki ke Dohe

#TGV is the world’s only Trilingual podcast with 500+ episodes ft. 500+ Guests from 70 different countries.

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