A post on Invisible Spotlight and an episode on Untold Secrets of Pageantry


Here is the Summary/round-up of everything that happened at The Guiding Voice, for the week ending June 15th, 2024.

Interviews scheduled:

English: Joe Hippensteel, Piyush Gupta

Telugu: Sridhar Samudrala

Blog Post: Invisible Spotlight

Podcast Episodes(in the order of release):

#TGV496 (English) Ft. — Flor de Maria Paredes MattosCoaching expatriates for their professional success

#TGVT107 (Telugu) Ft. Ashritha MulaGrabbing an annual package of 52 LPA at the age of 24

#TGV497 (English) Ft. Thomas RyanUsing AI to Exceed Sales Targets

#TGVH73 (Hindi) Ft. Preeti Sachdeva — Untold Secrets of Pageantry

#TGV498 (English) Ft. Gita Sethi — #TGVMindShiftSeries part 3 of 4 — Mindfulness

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