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If you are someone who dreams of a successful career, this post is for you!.

We all have different career dreams, becoming a pilot, doctor, Architect, or getting a corporate job. But how many of us are able to achieve what we’ve dreamt of becoming?

Irrespective of the domain, to succeed in a career, one should be excellent in what they do and be passionate about taking on bigger responsibilities.

One should have the skills, talent, and passion for the career.

So before planning on your career ask yourself: What interests you?

If your interest lies in being a corporate leader but currently working as an independent consultant, do you know the path and steps to follow your passion?

Let us explore the steps involved in crafting a successful career.

So, find out what success means to you and then focus on how to be successful?

2. Contribution of values: If you are working in any organization, there is a need to contribute certain values in that workplace.

What are the values that you contribute to your work?

And what values should one contribute to succeed in a career or in life?

e.g. You might be known for integrity. You can be a role model in demonstrating it and make sure that you help others also follow integrity through spirit and letter

Fundamentals remain the same in every mode of work. Having strong core values differentiates you from the crowd.

3. Adaptability: One should believe in the survival of the fittest principle, in other words, adaptability in a work

“Neither the strongest nor the intelligent one survives. It’s the adaptable one who does”.

Before the pandemic, no one could have thought of working from home for more than a year or so. But now, this is a truth people are living.

We learn to adapt to new situations even though the surroundings are not favorable.

How do you adapt?

Adapting doesn’t happen when you learn, it happens when you unlearn things.

Imagine that you learned to live in a tropical area of the earth like the Dallol region of Northern Ethiopia which is said to be the hottest place to live on earth.

According to Wikipedia, it is known as Ghost Town and holds the official record for record high average temperature for an inhabited location on Earth, an annual temperature of 35 Degree Celsius(95 Fahrenheit) was recorded between 1960 and 1966

You get used to the hot temperature there.

Now imagine that your work demands you to move to a much colder region like Oymyakon in Siberia, which is the coldest place to live on earth according to four sources. At first, it would be very hard for you to learn to live with the cold.

Sooner or later, you will unlearn to live in the hot and then you will start learning to live with the coldest temperature.

That is when you start getting adapted to the cold. And that is when you start adapting.

This quality should be adapted in work and life as well.

4. Seeing the unseen:

Look out for different ideas that were not tried before. Pick a problem that your organization is solving for customers, and take lead in finding the solutions.

If you are an entrepreneur, look at the problems that the world is facing currently and find simple answers to the complex problems

Everyone looks at problems as problems but if you understand the problem diligently, you will find a way to resolve them.

Think about solutions not only from the same domain but also from cross-domain or industry.

5) Seeing the opportunity in darkness:

As we all know, Covid and lockdown have affected everyone in an adverse manner.

But as time passed, people learned to adapt to the situation. We started living with the covid side by side and hand by hand.

Covid not only brought adverse effects, but it has also brought positive effects as well.

Digital platforms had a real positive effect during a pandemic.

The way organizations and customers have coped with Digital Transformation is an amazing example of making the best use of an adverse situation.

Instead of worrying about a difficult situation, one should focus on finding opportunities or solutions and make the most of it.

6) Move out of your comfort zone:

Talent and uniqueness are also inevitable requirements.

There are so many sources from which we can expand our capabilities and competencies.

Talent grows with experiences and when one breaks the comfort zone. If you are always in your comfort zone, you will never get to be in an ocean.

Once you start going out of your comfort zones, you will learn to experience different things with which your talent will grow.

It is the opportunity that will always enhance your talent.

  • One should always try to create a differentiated strength.
  • Always find what your natural ability is.
  • Increase the sphere of influence

7) Be consistently good:

“When the going gets tough, the tough get creative”

Success is different for different sets of people.

What is success for you?

If there is a secret recipe for success, would you take it?

Success is happiness and happiness is the state of the mind.

If you want to achieve success, don’t be great, be consistently good.

We shouldn’t expect overnight success as it requires a lot of effort, persistence, and perseverance to achieve great things. At times, we might also get rejected.

Take rejection as motivation. It is the strongest secret recipe for success.

One should be very high on self-reflection because it is the only way one can improve himself and be positive.

And the list continues, each one of us is different and we approach career planning differently.

We are curious to understand career planning tips that worked for you.

Please share them in the comments.

Thank you for reading

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