One of the pondering questions among many professionals and entrepreneurs is

Do we really need a coach when everything is available on the Internet?

Apart from this, people also ask:

  • What is #coaching all about? It’s not for me…
  • Coaching is only for sportspeople
  • Can coaching really help in personal or professional #growth?
  • Will coaching help in making you a better #employee(and before that a better person)?
  • Does coaching help in #relationship management?

Wondering to find answers to the above, this post is for you!!!

As per Forbes.com,

“Business coaching has gone from fad to fundamental. Leaders and organizations have come to understand how valuable it can be, and they’re adding “the ability to coach and develop others” to the ever-growing list of skills they require in all their managers”

During the #TGV205, conversation(see the first comment for the episode links), we interacted with us, an experienced and energetic speaker Amarnath Hari, a seasoned coach who transformed the lives of many students and professionals.

Firstly, we understood that below are the top 4 things that helped Amarnath Hari to succeed in life & career:

1. Nurturing relationships:

Healthy relations are important in personal and professional lives. Nurturing relations by cultivating trust takes you a long way and helps you find numerous opportunities which will otherwise be very difficult!

2. Problem-solving skills:

Many people are worried about problems and think that problems embrace only them. But problems should be treated as stepping stones for success. Though problems seem to be complex, always try to find simple solutions to deal with them. Problem solvers establish credibility and are respected everywhere

3. Being Empathetic:

Thinking from another person’s shoes and seeing the world through their eyes makes us empathetic and win others. The humane side of the business and profession should be treated sensibly.

4. Active listening: Listening is important. During any conversation, do listen when it’s your turn to do so — keeping aside the anxiety to speak.

Don’t just listen to respond, listen to understand

That makes a huge difference

Amarnath Hari’s take on why Coaching is important in this VUCA(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) World:

  1. A coach helps you without judging you: So, you can discuss freely with them, and at the same time, be confident enough to seek support in the required areas
  2. A coach makes you self-reliant: by instilling the confidence required to win and lead in this world.
  3. A coach will bring clarity to your thought process: If you are ambiguous and skeptical about something, the Coach will help you get that “clarity” required to make the right decisions.
  4. A coach will help you communicate better: What not to express is equally important as what to express. Yes, you read it right. One will become a great communicator by working with the right coach.
  5. A coach will help you discover your potential. Coaches in general will not give you ready-made answers but ask you the right set of questions which will help in realizing untapped potential.

If we notice most successful sportsmen, players, athletes, business leaders, etc work under the guidance of their coaches to leverage their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

Are you working with a coach already? If so, share your coaching experience with us — we’d love to understand the impact of coaching on your personal and professional life.

Also, do not forget to tag your coach on this post!

If you are looking for a coach, you may want to contact Amarnath Hari.

Looking forward to your feedback on our blogs and also recommendations on any specific topics to be covered.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time, bye for now!

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Seasoned IT executives with over 40 years of cumulative IT industry experience on a mission to shape the careers and lives of millions across the globe

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The Guiding Voice(Naveen & Sudhakar)

The Guiding Voice(Naveen & Sudhakar)

Seasoned IT executives with over 40 years of cumulative IT industry experience on a mission to shape the careers and lives of millions across the globe

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