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4 Tips to Elevate employer branding and attract the RIGHT TALENT!

Which are the company names that pop up in your mind when you hear the word ‘brand’?

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Meta(Facebook)
  • Nike
  • Puma
  • Amazon
  • Toyota
  • Mercedes- Benz
  • McDonald’s
  • Disney

The list is endless right?


You might know the names of the brands but do you know what a brand is or what branding is ALL ABOUT?

A brand is a personality that identifies a product, service or company, including a name, term, sign, symbol or design. To be more precise, it is basically a type of brand manufactured by a particular company under a particular name.

A brand also represents the relation between customers, staff, partners, investors and so forth.

If you are an employer (leader or a business owner), you might want to know more about employer branding strategies to be able to position yourself well and attract RIGHT people.

Let us understand the basics of Employer Branding:

To begin with, it is the most humane side and the people focused side of branding.

Importance of Employer Branding!

In much simpler terms, the process of putting the heart of an organization in front of the audience. Therefore, it is a mix of culture, people, learning, employee well-being etc.

It is basically the employee value proposition that an organization offers to the people that work for them.

It is showcasing the BEST an organization has to offer to it’s people.

Employers use different marketing channels, positioning and targeting strategies to attract the talent towards the organization.


Employer branding is the right strategy, the right tool and the right positioning to seek the right talent which not only attracts them but also retains them.

In the era of great resignation, how does employer branding attract the right talent?

In our recent conversation (you will find the link to her episode in the comments section). with Rolly Arora, Employer branding expert and Communications Leader at CDK Global, she has shared following tips:

1.Employee Pride:

From an employee’s perspective, pride is an important aspect that plays on people when they work for an organization.

Employees working in an organization that they take pride in, will work closely with the leadership team and will strive to elevate the employer brand.

2. Employees as brand ambassadors:

The Employees who are truly connected to the vision of company they work for, will always go a step further and even might become effective brand ambassadors.

These employees share with their network almost everything that they like or dislike about the company, give them an addictive positive experience and they will spread the word for you!.

3. Positive branding:

Prospective employees look for employer branding and they prefer joining familiar brands in the market. Companies should find opportunities to showcase their products, services, unique selling proposition and the community causes that they are attached to. Positive branding will attract the right people.

4. Establish lifetime connection:

When employees work for an organization, the connection with the company stays with them for life. Employees remember the care and the love the company offered them. If employers offer great employee experience and stay connected with their employees even after quitting, there is a 70% chance of employees rejoining that organization and 90% chance of referring right talent to the organization.

Remember, employees give back!

Also, there is a lot of competition in the market for the hiring right talent, Start-ups, Tech Giants and established organizations are willing to offer huge packages for deserving candidates to meet their demands.

Let’s also talk about the role of Compensation in the overall hiring process in these times.

Number of surveys and research conducted during COVID-19 indicates that compensation is not the leading motivator or the indicator which attracts the talent. But it is definitely a complete package of love, care, and compensation.

Different things appeal for different people, What I like, might not be liked by you!

People have different perspectives and therefore a wide range of interests.

Employer branding plays a critical role and becomes a deciding factor for prospective employees

Employers should follow the right branding strategy based on the target employees from various generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z, Centennials etc.

Follow the principle “Different strokes for different folks”

Employer branding should resonate with what the company is doing to promote work life balance, Diversity & Inclusion, Social impact, Innovation, Learning culture & Other Psychological elements.

Here are the final thoughts to attract the right talent:

Identify the right talent, determine what motivates them, identify the channels they mostly are on (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and engage them by planning customized campaigns to attract them to join you.

If you are an employer, would love to hear from you what you are doing differently to attract the right talent.

If you are an employee, please share with us on the best practices that your company is following to elevate their branding that you are proud to work for them.

Thanks for reading!

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